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Position Controller
In Position Controller the In- and outputs may be freely defined and allocated to any pins at the connector-terminals.
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Mactrol Automation Solutions Ltd.
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General Information

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Ph: 630-874-0447      Email: info@FirstESource.com

Product DescriptionTechnical Specifications


  1. Simple menu controlled operation (levels)   
  2. Very well readable monochrome LCD-screen (160 x 128 pixels)   
  3. In- and outputs may be freely defined and allocated to any pins at the connector-terminals   
  4. Parameter dialogue via MS Excel tables (specified macros are available)   
  5. Password authorized menu levels   
  6. Extensive self test functions and service parameters   


The standard version was laid out for pure axes-positioning (e.g. stop systems or linear units). Owing to additionally available analogue inputs, an evaluation of analogue absolute measuring systems (e.g. linear potentiometers) is possible (max. 3 axes). Further an interface for other absolute measuring systems (e.g. RS-422) will be prepared. Controlled positioning (relays- or digital outputs) and also regulated positioning (PID +/- 10 V) are possible. Customer specified software solutions for different applications of each axes, e.g. milling machines, metal shears are available or can be realized.

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